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CAP Membership Feb 2024 Update:

Since our launch we've had a positive overwhelming response. Patients love and support Dr. Tsai to continue working as solo private practice for another 20 years! We are officially winding down. We are very close to reaching our maximum capacity. Once there, we will CLOSE PANEL (and then a "wait list" will be created). Thank you.


Yes! We are accepting new patients. Scheduled appointments required. Dr. Tsai sincerely appreciates your support and patronage for the past two decades, but due to increasing business costs/overhead and other variables, effective February 2023, we are a Membership-based solo private practice. Refer to CAP Membership Contract for detailed information, payment methods (NO checks please). This is a non-medical, "out of pocket" annual fee. Nothing changes. Dr. Tsai still provides the same top-tiered quality, hands-on personalized care for each one of his patients. (And we continue to bill Medicare, PPOs for any/all appts' claims). Join today...Get your prompt full access to Dr. Tsai!


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                                                   Also if you Owe us a Balance Due? No Problem...

                        Submit copay/deductible payments here!

PPO, POS, EPO - We are contracted "in-network/preferred providers" with majority of all insurance companies. (We do not accept "Covered CA" PPO's for Blue Cross Pathway Tiered and HealthNet Enhanced Care).

Medicare Primary - Must have Part B medical coverage (we do not accept Medi-Cal as 2nd'ry/supplemental insurance).

CASH Rates - $300.00 first office visit and $200.00 per office visit thereafter. Labwork and imaging services incur additional/separate charges handled and collected at their respective facilities.

Internal Medicine - Dr. Tsai wants to be you and your family's primary care physician. From annual preventive exams (APEs) to common colds, from prescribed medications to needed diagnostic tests; we are here to take care of all your medical necessities today and in the many wonderful years to come.

Solo Private Practice

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