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A very grateful patient ~ KELLY HACKER 08/01/2016

Dr. Tsai is the BEST!! I had been to more doctors than the average patient due to a combination of a genetic health condition, a work related back injury.


Dr. Tsai and his staff have been taking care of our whole family for the past 6 years. Dr. Tsai is attentive and patient with his patients, spending plenty of time to answer all of your questions. His staff is wonderful. He has recently brought on a Nurse Practitioner (Tina), who is excellent and allows even faster access to his already highly accessible care. Thanks for keeping me healthy! 


I have been going to Dr. Tsai for few years now and really appreciate his personal touch (I mean care) and professionalism, I would gladly refer him to others.


Just recently became part of Dr. Tsai's family (7/8/13). First office visit was awesome! I have had many doctors in the past, and this doctor certainly ranks way up there. I'm a sold patient and look forward to many years of Dr. Tsai as my primary care physician.

TERRY HSIA 04/21/2009

We love Dr. Tsai, he takes such good care of our whole family!

ADRIAN C. 06/01/2011

I've been with Dr. Tsai for maybe 10 years now. Am just recently retired and Dr. Tsai has not change in his handling of my medical care. He respond very promptly to my request (at times bordering to being unreasonable).

FRED I. 07/15/2010

Looking forward to meet Dr. Tsai, he came so highly recommended as a Dr. that would be the man I've been missing in a Dr. There has been too much information given to me and not understood, and without answers or care.

UNDEFINED 06/01/2010

Dr. Tsai is the best doctor I have ever had. He is very professional  and caring. He answers all my questions and makes me feel comfortable to talk about my health concerns. THANK YOU!

STEVE & GRACE KUO 07/22/2010

Dr. Tsai became our family doctor when my family settled in Irvine  since 2004. We are very satisfied with his service and will recommend people to become is patients. In addition to his knowledge and experiences, more important he really cares about his patients.

JESSE 03/23/2010

Dr. Tsai is a fantastic doctor. He takes his time with each patient and spends quality time ensuring they understand and recover fully.

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